Cork flooring

Cork flooring is gaining popularity in recent years for being warm, comfortable to walk on and having sound reducing ability. Same as with laminate floors installations, underlayment is required for underneath. Cork is extremely environmentally friendly due to the nature of harvesting. Native to South-western Europe and North-western Africa, bark of Cork Oak trees regenerates every 9 -10 years, which means the trees are not actually cut down in order to obtain materials for flooring product.

Laminate flooring

Laminate flooring arrived to North American markets in early 1990's and instantly become preferred choice to vinyl floors or carpet. In time the installation process evolved and improved to develop the easy click system that doesn't require the use of adhesive.  This type of flooring is sometimes called floating flooring and with countless choice of colors, widths, thickness at every budget level it has become great choice for many home owners.

Exotic flooring

Exotic hardwood flooring is great choice for those who desire something little different and unique. Wood species harvested in Brazil, Argentina and Burma hold rare wood characteristics when it comes to graining and coloration, those are not found in your typical wood grown in North America. Exotic wood floors come in variety of widths and in both engineered and solid wood construction.

Unfinished flooring

There are many styles and brands of unfinished wood products offered on markets today.Installing unfinished wood gives you numerous choices of custom stain color and finish application (form matte to luster). When over the years the beauty of unfinished hardwood is blemished it can be refinished giving it new look with new stain color to match new trends and fashions.

Prefinished flooring

Nowadays prefinished flooring comes in a wide variety of species, colors and widths.  This product doesn't require finishing process after being installed; therefore completion time is shorter than raw wood installation.  Another excellent feature of this line of wood is its ability to be repaired by removing and replacing just a few boards at the time without the worry of refinishing entire floor.

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