"We had quite the challenge in the home we purchased: tired green carpeting on stairs juxtaposed with Tiger Oak flooring on the main floor. Further, the oak carried on up the stairs as a frame around the carpet. We worked closely with Les to select a wood type and colour that would match. This was even more complicated by the fact that we wanted Les to replace the entire upstairs with the same wood. And in the upstairs, there were significant variations in lighting from room to room. It was tricky finding the perfect match but once we did, Les put all his talents to work. The result was gorgeous. If you're looking for a person who combines thoughtfulness and the finest craftsmanship in hardwood flooring, look no further. You've found the right person in Les."

- Bob Swift-Hill

"My husband and I call Les from Lex Hardwood Flooring our 'favorite contractor' for a reason. Over the years, Les has installed hardwood in much of our home (even matching and feathering in to older hardwood in areas), installed cork, underfloor heating, matched wood panelling, installed casings and baseboards, and even installed bathroom fixtures and tile. His work was fabulous a few years ago when we first hired him, which is why we hired him again for 'round two' of the reno. He is detail-oriented and takes pride in his work. More than that though, it is refreshing to have a contractor who is so easy and professional to deal with. We would definitely highly recommend Lexhardwood Flooring."

- Katharina and Brad Simpson

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